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I am a very proud Grandmother of TWO precious babies.



Informative, interesting, or helpful websites

(some specialize in multiple births or preemies) :

----I can email this list to you upon request, which will have the direct links built in ----
Huntsville, Al Mother of Multiples (they are super nice to try to help with questions )
Birmingham, Al Mother of Multiples (click “contact us” for questions – they are also fantastic in trying to help new mothers of multiples)
Preemie Clothes & shoes size=00
see “parenting information”
twin info
MORE than just a magazine (see “message board”)
list and links on Multiple Birth Programs
more, some may be duplicates of above link, companies with Multiple Birth Programs
for parents of preemie babies in NICU
clothes from preemie size up to 24 months size ---especially good for matching boy/girls twin outfits. Also have baby shoes, see “newborn to 9 months”
can order Pampers PREEMIE diapers (up to 6 lbs.), reasonably priced at $0.20 per diaper, online, free shipping on orders over $50.oo (we used over 160 Preemie diapers total on “M” & “L”, they weighed 4 ½ pounds at birth)
Enfamil baby formula - see “baby’s development”
(left column) or many of the “quick links” at top-right of Home page.
Beech-Nut baby food and good info & **see Darling Baby Shoes under “Special Offers” (buy 1-get 1 pair free)**
baby shoes (see beech-nut special offer)
Del Monte baby food (Q & A)
a Multiple Birth form to mail in. Claims to then allow you to Buy-one-get-one-free products by phoning in your order. Personally, I have just recently mailed in my form, not placed an order yet.
(“resources” for more links)
to convert from ounces, inches, etc. to kg, cm, or viceversa (the choices are limitless)
(“parent site”; has special growth charts for premature babies – the only one I have found, all other growth charts are for full term babies)
(advice, parenting, infants/toddlers)
add a personal signature to your email of either pregnancy countdown (weeks) OR baby/ twins/ triplets countdown until their 1st, 2nd, 3rd ,etc. birthdays. And now you have the option to add a picture too (a sonogram picture?).
----or---- I have recently found ---- Carter's Kid's Clothes ----- Gerber clothes & info

Fisher-Price (guide & info) (parenting - babies) corrected to-> <-- B’ham,AL

SAME as>

see baby diaper specs>

milestones at a glace>

search "twins"
have Podee feeding System --total est. $10.00 each w/ s/h charges (magazine)
excellent if you like/want Graco products.
SUPER gadget for extending the life of your regular zip-up pants during first trimester (or longer) of your pregnancy. $30.00 including s/h

Breast feeding help: La Leche League

Fetal average length and weight CHART:

parenting Preemies :

preemie clothes and diapers from 2 lbs (1000 grams) to 5 lbs. (2250 grams):

tinyLove’s mail-in form for multiple births (MaxiMom carrier)
discussion on equipment for multiples to think about BEFORE the babies arrive

and then LATER as they grow:
play yards & gates info only-----can not order from this site ……BUT can find on several pet/animal sites, such as (sku # 672726 the XT Pet Yard $69.99)
lots of info

free nanny classified search

guide for hiring, choosing, etc. of baby sitters/nannies
baby merchandise
statistic numbers of multiple (twins to septuplets) births ----not useful site, just interesting
safety issues
Mothers of Super Twins (triplets, quads, etc.)

WWW.SHEKNOWS.COM type “twins” in the search area


Give yourself permission to make "mistakes."
Write this statement down and put it in a spot where you will see it at least once a day: "During this day, I will do the best I can to be a mother to these children with the information, wisdom and energy I have at this time."

Maintain your sense of humor
If you don't have one, get one -- QUICKLY! Research has shown that smiling causes your brain to release chemicals that make you feel good. Additionally, laughter releases endorphins in your body that allow you to relax. So, when you can only laugh or cry, do the former. It is more fun (and less expensive) than anxiety medication or therapy.
information about pregnancy, infants, toddlers, etc. –probably be good to search for a specific illness or ……. this is someone’s personal journal of their pregnancy, birth, and the first 7 years of TRIPLETS. The triplets were born Nov. 1997. It is a “favorite” website of mine, for a somewhat reference.
*** this is where I have bought my orders of the Podee Feeding Bottles from *** A MUST HAVE !!!
toys, clothes,blankets, etc.
free recipes for making homemade Baby Food -- for babies at least 6 months old - see “recipes by category” giving AGE group.
list of links and phone numbers to MORE info (free stuff)
safety checklists
“call your pediatrician”
NICU tiny clothes and needs, ranging for 1 lb to 7 lbs.
The National Women’s Health Information Center – U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services
see Resources=helpful calculators and Printable checklists
parenting checklists, etc.
personally have not ordered from this site of RosieHippo, just found it through
which at BasicBrilliance I have bought some baby caps (cotton hat), I had to ask them on what size (circumference) heads the “newborn”=up to approx. 16” for 0-3 months & “infant”=up to approx. 18” for 3-12 months size caps fit……they replied promptly…..I am very pleased with the purchase. BasicBrilliance has a wide range of solid colors to choice from.
for example “parent’s guide”
THE Baby Einstein store: DVD, VHS, books, flash cards, toys, teethers, and puppets.
“shop by brand”: Baby Einstein, Fisher-Price, etc. or “shop by age”: 6 category groups from birth to 18 months and older.
store: Maternity, Nursing tops, from Preemie size clothes and up to girls size 14, boys size 20 , & shoes from ‘size 0 infants’ to about 3 years old,
child CarSeat rating CHART
free Baby Web Pages
Multiples: see “Articles and FAQ”
toddler Safety Harness–see set for Twins & Multiples

~~~~~ I believe that I have “touched all the bases”…….don’t you? :^) ~~~~~~
~~~~~My wishes for you to have a healthy and joyful parenthood. ~~~~~


cross-stitch, quilting, computers., my 2 house cats, nature in general, my daughter and her family